Will a planetary gear assembly do what I need to do?

I need to connect a slip ring assembly such that it is physically off-set
from the main drive (or Sun gear), i.e. the SR's rotating shaft will be in
parallel to the drive shaft (Sun gear). The slip ring frame will be
"connected", fixed to the system's main frame. I wish to rotate the SR's
rotating shaft at the same speed as the drive shaft (Sun gear) so that the
SR's rotating output signals/lines are always "seeing" the same spot on the
Sun gear/input shaft.
Is this even possible? Where will I find the "equation" netting out gear
ratios, etc....?
(I could connect the SR assembly to the free end of the rotating/input
shaft. However, for a number of reasons placing it at another spot along the
shaft is very desirable.
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Wayne G. Dengel
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I think I blew it. Not physically possible - will have to rethink how to mate the SR assembly to the source/Sun shaft! Wayne
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Wayne G. Dengel
Use either chain wheels connected by chain (!) or gear wheels on Sun and SR shaft.The wheels are the same size, either way.
But slip rings are to be avoided if possible - their life is limited, and their reliability is not the greatest - specially if you need to avoid narrow spikes.
People use rotary transformers - but these are insensitive to sun shaft angle by definition - so a shaft angle reference is supplied by a shaft sensor in this case.
Brian Whatcott Altus OK
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Brian Whatcott

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