Wire pull test instrument recommendation

Hello All:
I have a mechanical force gauge that we use for measuring the force required to
break crimped pins from wires.
The force gauge is a "Wagner Force Dial" shown on this page.
Our Manufacturing Engineer is saying that these types of mechanical gauges are
not appropriate for the test I am doing. He says I should buy a digital one.
Is he right?
Any comments?
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A. Deguza
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Dear A. Deguza:
One of these?
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Your manufacturing engineer is correct.
If it is all solid state, meaning using short-travel strain gauges (or other solid state device), yes.
The mechanical ones will lose calibration / zero with every use, if the wire does pull out / break. There is a great deal of energy stored in the gauge, and a sudden release will screw it up.
Similar things happen to pressure gauge pointers in hydraulic systems, and "liquid fill" can produce enough dampening to keep the gauges from destroying themselves. Not available in these gauges.
But you should satisfy yourself by talking to the manufacturer.
Also, and electronic device can do peak hold, and record data to a file for trending analysis.
David A. Smith
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