brass dimentional stability

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the structural stability
of brass after it's been machined? example: If I formed a cylinder out
of solid brass round stock on the lathe, and milled and opening in one
side, similar to a clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece -would the part
warp or move over time? Is it necessary to apply heat to the part, ie
stress relief to lock it into its machined form?
My concern is that the force of the tool bit would twist the bar stock
in the lathe and then after the part is made it would slowly find its
way back and warp. Also the wall of the cylinder would be thin and
large amounts of force and heat would be applied to remove the stock
in order to form the part.
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
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Expect to be grilled for more detailed information. ;)
It's a big/busy newsgroup so... lots of smart alecks and truely smart guys both, hang out there.
Alvin in AZ
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