Cleaning carbon steel

Hello: I'm looking for a procedure for cleaning rusted carbon steel as well as options to avoid it rusting.

Currently I'm at 1) remove rust with a stainless steel brush (on a pneumatic tool for example), 2) use 60 grit sand paper for the tough to reach spots like bored holes and 3) coat with an oil to repel water.

I'd like recommendations on the oil as well as any experiences.

thank you for your help.

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it depends on what the object is and its intended use is.

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Its flange and will get quite hot. But for now its a stock component and needs to wait out in storage for a few years.

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I'd get some VCI anti-rust paper - ULINE sells it and others. Wrap up the parts in the paper. They do Machine tools that way. Use Google on the product name. Martin

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Martin H. Eastburn

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Vasoline is something that doesn't evaporate as quickly as oil will work longer.

Found it works longer on guns.


ABDOU [who t> you may apply phosphate coating on the object before storing,

That's exactly what I was thinking too. :)

Want to add that the oils/greases (or even paint) that soaks into the pourous Phosphate coating makes the phosphate coating the darling of industry.

I use phosphoric acid to remove rust from tools and I like the looks of the finish it leaves. Some gun bluing (cold) will darken it even more if you want.

Alvin in AZ

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