Co - Ni welds

Dear Memebers, I am welding Ni - Co coupons and macro etching them. My intent is to observe how good theose two metals mix together in the weld pool. Does anyone have recommendation about what type of etchant gives the best result? Best Regards, Enis Onur

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I found a prescription in an old germen book by Gunther Petzow. He recommends the following solution:

20-30 ml destilled water 0-20 ml Nitric acid (1,40 density) 20 ml Hydrochloric acid (1,19 density) 10 ml Hydrogen peroxide (50%) The solution should be freshly mixed. Etching time 2 minutes

Alternative is

125 ml saturated FeCl3 600 ml Hydrochloric acid (1,19 density) 18,5 ml Nitric acid (1,40 density) The solution is used boiling. Etching time 5-10 minutes.

I have no personel experience with these alloys or etching solutions, but hope you will succeed.

Regards Kai Wøldike Sørensen Technical University of Denmark wrote:

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Kai Wøldike Sørensen

Or perhaps you could look up the binary phase diagram? From memory they are mostly able to form solid solutions in each other


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Bob Redfern

Dear All, Thank you very much for the interest. Finally, we have seen that 35 mlHCL+10mlH2O + 3 ml H2O2 worked well.

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