Discolored stainless table cutlery

My arms are pretty white with some slight golden tan. Your coating is or isn't this color.
This would be a calcium typw stain and there are commercial products for removing calcium stains, but you should test them on just one piece first... perhaps starting with a dilute solution.
I have always gotten rid of this with a very mild kitchen abrasive applied to Bounty kitchen towels and a little elbow grease.
People with different colored arms may have other solutins.
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Some of our 'stainless' table cutlery has become discolored:
the steel itself has got a darkish coating similar to but not as dark as on
some arms,
it looks like if it had been in contact with hydrochloric acid or similar.
The coating is not on the handle parts, only on the surfaces that are in
contact with the food and we forsure do not eat anytin spiced with
hydrochloric acid. Can vinegar over the time cause such coatings???
Any ideas how to get rid ot the coating in a simple way (i.e. not polishing
every piece manually)???
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Thomas Lindberg
:) Two of mine are too the rest are dark blue, no stainless or nickel plated ones around here. ;) Not that a stainless barrel isn't wanted on one... just can't be afforded. :/
Hmmm... I have wondered about that too, a friend of mine cooks and eats oats every morning and the spoons he uses are "darkly blued" like the OP described.
Could part of that be a symtom of the stainless steel to start with tho? None of mine have discolored that way from anything I've cooked. Also I have no "set" they were picked up pretty much one at a time from second hand stores mostly Onieda but just about every US manufacturer of stainless steel since WW2 is "represented". ;)
I can't help but think "the stainless steel used" has something to do with it anyway. OP, what brand+country are the dark pieces?
Alvin in AZ
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