epoxy to glue aircraft skin to the frame?

I remember a conversation one time with a person who works in the aircraft
industry and he mentioned that epoxy glue is often used to attach the
aluminum panel to the frame of the fighter jets aircraft. I thought that's
pretty ridiculous, could someone please tell me whether or not its true?
If it is true then what is the classification of the epoxy that is used and
can it be purchased for civilian use?
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Orc General
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Yes, it's true (for varying values of "often")
Grab a catalogue from the industrial epoxy makers, or browse the surplus world at Aircraft Spruce & Speciality (toyshop to the well-heeled)
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Andy Dingley
And pay attention to the details of surface preparation for adhesive bonding.
Besides faulty basic design of joints, poor surface preparation of the adherands is a leading cause of failure of adhesive bonds.
Boeing, at one time long ago, had spent millions developing surface preparation procedures for aluminum adhesive bonding..
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Its not such a new idea, either. During WWII many glues were developed for doing just this. One company (Ciba-Geigy) specialised in two-part Formaldehyde Resin glues and had the brand name "Aerolite"
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