GeneXproTools 4.0 - GEP modeling tools for Math and Boolean problems

I'm proud to announce that Gepsoft is releasing today GeneXproTools 4.0, a
new version of the easy and powerful predictive analytics tool APS 3.0.
GeneXproTools is a data analysis tool that creates predictive models from
raw numerical data that supports four problem categories: Function Finding,
Classification, Time Series Prediction, and Logic Synthesis. The main
advantages of GeneXproTools are its user friendliness and its powerful
algorithms. The main focus of GeneXproTools is a streamlined process that
starts with the loading of the data, progresses to the automatic creation of
the model and concludes either with the conversion of the model into any of
the 16 supported languages or with the scoring of external data.
GeneXproTools 4.0 is packed with several new features and improvements and a
redesign of the user interface. The main new features are:
o Unlimited data samples for all editions
o A new edition with unlimited variables (Enterprise Edition)
o A new Academic edition also with unlimited variables (Academic
o Much faster data loading and smaller run files
o Model simplification algorithms
o Several new fitness functions
o A very fast Custom Fitness implementation
o Much improved data visualization
o Support for many more programming languages (16 in total)
o More than 200 new math functions and comparison rules
o A new algorithm for Logic Synthesis
o A total of 258 logical functions
o New Run Panel with six new charts including program size, variables usage
map, and real-time curve fitting
o And much more
You can see a more detailed list of the new features here:
formatting link

The new Enterprise Edition with unlimited variables opens new and exciting
possibilities in fields like DNA microarrays. For a simple tutorial on DNA
microarrays using the well-known ALL-AML leukemia data with 7,129 variables
please go to:
formatting link

GeneXproTools ships with 16 different sample runs that cover a large array
of modeling problems, including the DNA microarray problem with 7,129
variables. The sample runs are unlocked in demo mode so you can create new
models, generate code and generally evaluate the complete workflow.
The demo allows you to use your own datasets and all the features are
operational except scoring/prediction and code visualization. However, for
the included sample runs all the features are operational in the demo.
GeneXproTools can be installed on Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003. To
download GeneXproTools, please go to:
formatting link

I hope that you have fun modeling with GeneXproTools and appreciate the new
features and improvements!
Best regards,
Candida Ferreira
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