Material selection question for with molten Mg

Hello and thank you for reading.
I'm looking for advice or experiences in selecting crucible material
for molten magnesium. The crucible should be metalic and the current
candidate material is stainless 446.
This is a lowish carbon, 26% Cr and no Ni metal. I understand that Ni
is avoided because it reacts with Mg. Is there a better alloy than
446? Would more chromium mean better service life? I fear the
crucible will become too brittle at higher chromium levels but maybe
there are alloying ways around that.
Any help or experiences are much appreciated.
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Cr increases the chance of intergrainular corrosion. and Ni is important part of austenite stainless you should look ferretic Stain less steels for required properties .
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Ceramic is not historically used in this foundry. We are stick to what we know and probably cost is a factor as well.
Thanks for all the interest!
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Due to the high reactivity of Mg melt, no metal crucible can be used to hold it. The ceramic crucibles are the only choice, but the impurities in commercial ceramic crucibles will be reduced and enter Mg melt, which leads to contamination. In my Ph.D. work, I prepared high purity MgO cricubles for holding Mg melts.
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