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The truck beam steel (BM510L) contains microallying elements Nb, Ti and
V=2E The static continuous cooling transformation and dynamic continuous
cooling transformation have been studied by means of a Gleeble1500
thermal mechanical simulator. Thermal expansion method with
metallographic examination was adopted to obtain the static CCT and the
dynamic CCT diagrams. The two diagrams have been contrasted and
discussed. After austenitizing at 900=E2=84=83, the steel is cooled down to
room temperature by cool rate of 15=E2=84=83/s, and then the microstructure
of the steel is pearlite and ferrite. As the cooling rate up to 1=E2=84=83/=
bainite is observed in the microstructure. With cooling rate
increasing, the bainite becomes fine. As the steel is deformed after
austenitizing at 900=E2=84=83/s, the during of phase transformation becomes
short. But bainite transformation appearance is retarded because of
deformation. When cooling rate increases up to 2=E2=84=83/s, then bainite is
observed in the microstructure. At the same time, the deformation can
fine grain and improve micrograph.
KEY WORDS microalloying, continuous cooling transformation, thermal
expansion method, CCT
ABSTRACT The truck beam steel contains microallying elements Nb, Ti and
V=2E The research has been studied on the experimental rolling mill by
changing rolling temperature, coiling temperature and cooling rate. The
mechanical properties were tested and the microstructures were
observed. The experimental results indicated that the temperature
parameters have important effect on the mechanical properties and
microstructure of the BM510L. After 1150=E2=84=83 soaking for 2 hours=EF=BC=
elongation and the tensile strength has increased while the rolling
temperature decrease. The steel, which deformed at 950~830=E2=84=83, cooled
by about 15=E2=84=83/s and coiled at 580~670=E2=84=83, has good mechanical
properties and microstructure.
KEY WORDS niobium=EF=BC=8Ctitanium=EF=BC=8Cvanadium=EF=BC=8Cmicroalloying=
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