Induction melting of steel - melting time calculation


We're trying to size a small induction melting furnace (similar to those used in the jewelry making industry) for our application and I was wondering if anyone with some experience in this subject can help answer the following question:

How long would it take to melt 3.5 lbs of 4140 Steel (2"Dia. x 4"L bar at

1600 deg. C, 7.8 g/cc) with a 10 KW medium frequency (10-30Khz) water-cooled induction melting machine using the proper crucible (350 cc capacity)? Are there any other factors missed here that would influence this calculation?

Here's a typical small melting furnace (this one is 9.5 KW):

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Thanks in advance, James

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James H.
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I've no experience in melting steel in crucibles (I've melted lead and i had no worries about time). But there are equations for heating processes.

One dimensional heat equation

Diffusion Equation

Laplace's equation in two dimensions

d'Alambert, Dirichlet and Laplace made studies in the area.

The math is quite tricky.

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