Extractive metallurgy of Cr (or Cr2O3)

I'm an uni. student from material science and engineering.
Is there anyone who can help me about extractive process of Cr or
I turned the internet upside down but found nothing to be told how they
get Cr or Cr2o3. there are some infos about it but there are no sign of
rxn. equations or background. it's killing me.
I need extraction steps while you are getting Cr or Cr2O3. Any help
would be appreciated.
Levent from istanbul
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Levent from istanbul
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Just try changing your search a bit. Using google with the phrase "chromium production" will lead directly to
High-Purity Chromium Metal: Supply Issues for Gas-Turbine Superalloys (1995)
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and look at the section under "other methods for producing chromium metal"
----- Pittsburgh Pete
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