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I do consulting for steel mills. Most of my work has been in CHINA, India in
the past four years. I have not seen one American company willing to spend
any money.
I need your advice.
I am seriously thinking of dropping my membership to this organization.
I don't see any value in the magazine they put out. The papers suck now a
and the steel industry is half dead. Any opinions on why I should keep the
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I think that you're flogging a dead horse. The Iron and Steel Society merged with the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers back in January. The new conglomeration is called the Association for Iron and Steel Technology. See their web site at
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Were you in AISE before? If not, then you might wait a while to see how the new combination works out.
Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete
Could this be that little research is going on and there is not much to write about?
Perhaps, you might assess your strengths and weaknesses and from there develop a new angle in your career. You have not said in what area of steel making you consult, but I imagine it might be in the general area of high temperature chemical engineering. As I remember, to be effective in the steel making field one had to have significant strengths in physical chemistry and chemical thermodynamics. Such strengths are transferable to other applications.
I come from a State that once had a School of Mines and Metallrgy - it disbanded many years ago, the mining faculty drifted away, the process metallugy faculty faded, and physical metallurgy faculty declined and was absorbed into a materials science wing of a chemical engineering department. Now the faculty dwells mostly on surface phenomenon. The State is Minnesota, the home of the major iron resource in the country. Have other departments of metallurgy dwindled, too? How healthy are the American Society for Metals and American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy? Has the United States ceded leadership in metal physics to elsewhere; are there bright spots? I am 75 so you can imagine my era.
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