motorcycle frame fire damage/heat treatment

I have heard of a fire damaged 1982 kawasaki z1000 which may be restorable. (steel duplex tubular frame with plates)

My intention would be a ground up restoration and frame bracing. The bike's melted but the steelwork is intact and looks like a stripped down rolling chassis.

How can I tell for sure that the frame and other components have not beed weakened/distorted by the heat or rapid cooling of a fireman's hose quenching the metal? The frame and wheels (low magnesium alloy) and yokes were powder coated, will this tell me anything?

Is it possible or desirable to anneal/heat treat the frame? is there any economic stress testing analysis available.

This is one special motorcyle with history which I really want to restore. It is also 120 horsepower mental superbike with arm wrenching performance and I assume also a highly stressed frame.

All advice greatly appreciated.

Not yet seen the bike but will look very carefully...any advice?

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