Discrete diffusive wear-proof coating

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to report that the laboratory SELF and the company
"TAVI" have developed the technology and machine for hardening
discrete diffusive wear-proof coating able to withstand high contact
stress and heat load. We yielded high effect in hardening steels, cast
iron and even high-alloy cast iron.
These coats have been tested on the crank shafts of heavy motor
lorries like KAMAZ working in desert either transporting logs from
forestry, for cranks of locomotive diesels, as well as for rolls in
especially overloaded stands of mill cycle. In each case this coat
showed fine results and increased the operation time of hardened parts
in 2-3 times. On
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you can see the report of one of tests comparing this coat with the
hardening made by microplasma method and with the traditionally
hardened rolls. These coats are especially effective to harden the
cranks in capital repair, when the usual methods to harden already
cannot be applied, and the coats applied before already have worn out.
With our technology, the repaired crank becomes better than new in its
Our new technology is highly advantageous also for new cranks, as this
gives to crank well higher operational characteristics than known
hardening is able, and ours is much less energy-intensive. For
example, to harden all necks of crank, it takes less than 20 minutes
of machine working, with the power 3 kW.
In the future this technology can be with a great success applied to
harden rails, especially railway switch points, which will
considerably extend their service life.
We will gladly collaborate with the manufacturers, repair factories
and service companies interested to gain better quality for their
products, longer service life and less service expenses.
Sergey Karavashkin
Head Laboratory SELF
187 apt., 38 bldg.
Prospect Gagarina
Kharkov 61140
Phone: +38 (0572) 276624
e-mail: snipped-for-privacy@yandex.ru , snipped-for-privacy@mail.ru
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