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Hey everybody,
I'd just like a little friendly advice on what companies in the Dallas
Metroplex need or are hiring electronics engineers. My husband who is
an Elec. engineer is looking for a job in the Metroplex but we live in
a foreign country and I am looking for advice on how my husband could
find a job
before we move there. I'm an American citizen and we wish to move back
to Texas. Does anybody know of any company that hires Elect engineers?
Names of companies that are in the electronics industry? Even if you
don't know who is hiring now or who needs an electronics engineer, if
you know of a company that is known to be in that industry or related,
I'd appreciate the help.At the moment my husband works for a company
that makes hospital equipment.Also any company that is willing to
accept a
person that has yet to have his papers? Since he is married to me, that
is a matter of me petitioning for him and in three months we could have
his green card. Anyway, if anybody could give us even a small clue, I'd
most definately appreciate the help. Thanks.
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yeah, right. I see you haven't had any dealings with the INS yet. Plus I believe they changed all that immediate-family stuff several years ago. You are in for a small surprise.
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To Hamei:
I believe I am up to date with all info as I recently looked into the subject and I have first hand info from my nearest American consulate that what I have to do is what I have to do... Why do you say "yeah right"? You appear to know something I do not, so come on and spill out that "small" surprise. And no I have not had any dealings with INS but I have delt with the US gov in the country where I currantly reside and I have not met with any surprises. What is the > aiko wrote:
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INS (Immigration & Naturalization services) is now called USCIS (United states citizenship & immigration services). As such there arent any big surprises. One thing that you will experience is the delays with getting the necessary papers (Filing GC petition, EAD cards, SSN etc).
I do not think your husband can start working without papers. As a minimum he will need a SSN & EAD card.
Online job sites is probably your best bet.
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