Method of overlaying ceramics with the aluminum. - Project no. 965802

Dear Sirs/ Madams
Confidently expecting that you perhaps have the ability to contribute as
described, I am sending you a problemdescription from an European company.
In case you have something to offer the company related to the described
problem, I would be very pleased to receive information from you that
describes very briefly your ability to contribute.
If you need further information don't hesitate to contact me.
In case you are not able to contribute, I would be very pleased if you could
inform me about potential references.
I am looking forward receiving your reply as soon as possible, if possible
at the latest 06.08.2004.
Yours faithfully
Pawel Kubinski
Polish Technology Partnership
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements
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Method of overlaying ceramics with the aluminum. - Project no. 965802
European producer of electrical equipment is searching for firm, company,
expert, co-operator which has the technology (know-how, machines and
equipment) for overlaying aluminum on ceramics surface during production
Production process
Company is producing voltage-dependent resistors. Ceramics elements are
produced from zinc-oxide filled other metals oxides 5-6 g/cm3 consistency.
The oxides mixture is forming into proper shape (pellet) and sintering in
the kiln.
Afterwards varistors should be cleaned and overlaying with aluminum coat.
(Such a operation is not accomplished in this company thus outsourced.).
Then father montage operations are realized.
The company's counsel is to implement mentioned operation (aluminum
overlaying) into production process thus is searching for suitable method
* Surface preparation - achieving recurrence porosity to obtain equal
overlaying coat parameters
Preparation and overlaying must be completely automatic processes
* Possible thickness adaptability range from 0.1 to 0.3 mm and tolerance 15%
Whole frontal surfaces (on both sides) should be coated by solid clinging
* After overlaying lateral surface should stay aluminum foulness free.
Diameter * 20-60 mm.
Thickness 2,5 - 25 mm.
* Expected yearly production rate is 1 000 000 items per year.
Suitable solutions
The company is interested in methods of electric arc spraying, nevertheless
open on different alternative solutions under condition of higher
The company wants a co-operation with a partner, who has the ability to
implement a suitable method and production process fulfilling the
requirements specified above
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