I find this technology interesting and I wanted to share this
information with you:
The Plasma Quest Ltd patented technology is a major evolution from the
traditional magnetron technology widely used in industrial and research
The use of a remote high density plasma source to amplify the diode
sputter deposition process has allowed us to deposit thin films with
physical properties normally only achieved by ion beam deposition and
at the very high deposition rates and coverage associated with high
power magnetron sputtering. Though all materials are enhanced in
quality, the benefits of the system are most clearly demonstrated in
the deposition of dielectric and magnetic materials. The additional
capability to use the plasma to assist the thin film growth process
also improves material densification and allows control of materials
morphology, stress and adhesion. The combination of high sputter rate,
materials quality, and properties 'tuning' thereby opens up new
materials systems possibilities, particularly relevant to flexible
electronics and many other associated applications and processes.
- The Plasma Quest linear target system, which is currently in advanced
stages of development, possesses all the advantages of HiTUS technology
plus the possibility of coating large substrates up to and in excess of
50/60 cm.
- The Plasma Quest linear target enables the development of a large
area linear process with the same advantages as HiTUS for roll-to-roll
or in-line processes.
In summary:
Plasma Quest Limited's technology brings thin film deposition processes
to the marketplace which eradicate the sputtering problems associated
with magnetron, namely;
- Irregular process and deposition results (uniformity/roughness)
- Poor target utilisation (increases the cost of deposition)
- Difficulty in maintaining stoichiometry from compound targets
- Inability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets
- Complex methodology for control of reactive sputtering
- Difficulty in sputtering onto heat sensitive organic substrates
- Low deposition rate
Plasma Quest Limited's technology brings:
- High Target Utilisation Sputtering, HiTUS: > 90% compared to
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