Pre-hard machinable steel with highest compressive yield strength

Hi everyone,
Can anyone please tell me what machinable pre-hard steel has the
highest compressive yield strength ? I'm guessing it would be a pre-
hard 4000 series, perhaps 4340 or a bearing steel or pre-hard tool
I'm looking for the highest yield strength I can find in a steel that
is still machinable, i.e., not so hard that it can't really be
machined effectively. Depending on how the part is machined, I would
need a thickness of around 1.338" or 1.585".
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Hello John
You are looking for the highest yield strength, and also you want it to be still machinable. Have you checked out the HSLA Steel ( High Strength Low Alloy steel ). these steels have good formability and they are especially used as automotive steels.. i just make a suggestion,
Thanks Baransel
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AISI 1144 (fatigue Proof YS=3D125 ksi)
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(warehouse supplier:
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ETD 150 AISI 4150 sulfur added: YS =3D130 ksi
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Small quanity supplies can be found by Googling "fatigueproof" or "etd 150"
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