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Hi all,
> i found your group through google, i am a mechanical engineering
>student at RIT and i am having problems with an assignment i was
so i was wondering if you all would be able to provide some input as i
>am at a lack of where to go with this.
>Design a process to produce a 0.5-cm-diameter steel shaft having
>excellent toughness, yet excellent wear and fatigue resistance. The
>surface hardness should be at least HRC 60, and the hardness 0.01 cm
>below the surface should be approximately HRC 50. Describe the
>process, including details of heat-treating atmospher, temperatures,
>times, and composition of the steel
The classic 1949 text by Crafts and Lamont: Hardenability and Steel
Selection should have all the info, charts, and tables you need for
this problem.
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