Steel Mill Waste Recovery and Direct Steel Making

The RBI Process has been developed to use iron ore fines, mixed with a
carbonaceous fuel for direct feed to ironmaking and steelmaking
operations. The intent is to recover waste materials from the
processes of mining, beneficiation, pelletizing plants, DR plants and
mill operations to make those operations 100% waste free while using
every available iron unit, thus, increasing efficiency, reducing
costs, lowering capital investments and meeting the needs of a more
environmentally friendly and sustainable industry.
The Process accomplishes this with simplicity of design, reaches any
level of capacity from 10,000 TPY, uses all local available materials
including any waste carbon and can add other materials necessary to
the iron/steel maker. The Process also does it without binders so
there are no additional contaminants in processing the iron units.
The Process reduces grinding costs and power consumption in
beneficiation by using any materials up to 12 mm and down to
sub-micron size dust. The Process can also use sludges from waste
streams and mine run-off. The process can recover the hazardous dust
in recycling scrap charges. The Process makes a feed material that is
self reducing in any melting operation without going through the steps
of pre-reduction, such as DRI and as a feed stock will eliminate the
need for coke in a blast furnace while increasing the blast furnace
capacity, but used in an EAF will give the same results of melting DRI
with less capital and much lower operating cost.
The Process will reduce greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions and major
savings will be recognized in energy consumption per ton of hot metal
or steel. With developed countries experiencing 7% of all steel made
is presently non-recoverable iron unit waste and developing nations
experiencing over 10% waste the capital investment and cost of
processing of iron units in iron and steel mills can be reduced with
the RBI Process
Please contact T.C.Inc., (a U.S. international engineering and
consulting firm), 26363 S. Tucker Rd., Estacada, Oregon, 97023, U.S.
A., Phone: 503-630-6759; Fax: 503-630-7139; Email:, for further information on the RBI Process or for a
testing program for materials. Please contact Thomas J. Coyne,
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Tom Coyne
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