Can any body suggest for "International refractory lining pattern for DRI kilns"

I wish to have information on Better & latest Refractory practices for
350/500 tpd DRI kilns. Kindly respond whosoever has any info about the
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Dear Sarat, The practice used most efficiently for DRI kilns is a ram practice, no longer using brick. This also includes the dam which is formed. The type of ram mixture is a high alumina with the same properties as that of blast furnace brick. Ensure that there is low iron content. For further discussions, please contact: Tom Coyne President T.C.Inc. (an international engineering and consulting company in DRI, pelletising and agglomeration. Developer of the RBI Process for a 100% Waste free operation). 26363 S. Tucker Rd. Estacada, Oregon 97023 U.S.A. Phone: 503-630-6759 Fax: 503-630-7139 Email:
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Tom Coyne

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