"Unwelding" a stainless steel panel?

Sorry, no help for your "unwelding" activity.
Have you looked into the surface prep required of the stainless for effective epoxy bonding? A high percentage of adhesive failures are due to improper surface prep before bonding.
Jim Buch
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I teach at a medical school. For a joint research project, we had a
submersible ultrasound transducer encased on all sides in stainless
steel after epoxying (under heat and pressure) the transducer to the
bottom panel. I just got the bad news from our colleague in Canada
that the transducer got unglued from the bottom panel during transit.
Can machine shops "unweld" one side (removing one panel of the steel box)
so that the epoxying can be done over again ?
Is there any such machine shop in the Toronto area ?
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in article snipped-for-privacy@enews2.newsguy.com, jbuch at snipped-for-privacy@revealed.net wrote on 23/10/03 12:40 am:
Why not just saw the panel off and re-weld it?
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Dave Herbal
Pardon my ignorance: I had no idea the solution is that simple.
Thanks !
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