12" Craftsman chainsaw parts?

Picked up a 12" Sears electric chainsaw a while ago. Works well..but the
handle is broken. I could I suppose make something to fit...and I may
have to, as the Sears site says no parts are available anymore
Sears 315-34110
Anyone got a carcass kicking around that I could scrounge a handle off
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Gunner Asch
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Remembers, Sears produces nothing - they buy, and have their name and color scheme put on it instead of the OEM.
Find one of the Cross Lists, 315 probably represents Poulan but I'm looking for confirmation... Ask THEM.
formatting link
list says 315 is Diehl Manufacturing from 1909, who was bought out by Ryobi in 1988 and they kept code 315.
"Oh, that was the "Saw Buddy" in our retail line - Yeah, we can get you another one, but it's gonna be Blue plastic, not Red..."
Something tells me you really don't care if it's Red or Blue, as long as it's in one piece and usable...
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Bruce L. Bergman (munged human readable)
As a true Democrat, you should throw it away and buy a new one. For God's sake, you can't show any common sense and replace a part. Tell the gobermint you want a new saw and you voted for Obammy.
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Bill Drit
"Bruce L. Bergman (munged human readable)" =
You forgot--it also needs to be free...
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If it is made by Remington, I have one. Which handle? Post a picture and I'll see if it matches.
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Holy crap! Is that one on sale gold plated? Doesn't look like my remington parts pile, sorry.
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I just threw one away at the garbage dump, about two weeks ago....
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I guess I should put the old Crapsman circular saw up for sale there. It needs bearings and is the old 6-1/2 incher from waaaaay back. I found it in a stack of throwaway stuff at a garage sale.
I have a Remington electric chainsaw which was broken by the last employee to use it. It still cuts, but the bar comes up when you press down. Somehow I just don't trust it to be safe any more.
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Larry Jaques
Over $1,000 BIN for that? This guy has Big Brass Ones... Hell, *I* have a slightly newer one that looks like that...
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Bruce L. Bergman (munged human readable)

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