3/8-24 drill spindle

Does anyone know if HF or other inexpensive 3/8" VSR drills have

3/8-24 spindle/chuck threads? I don't want to buy one, scar it while beating the chuck off and then find that it's metric.

The single-speed drill I bought ages ago for my Portalign finally died while drilling a 3/8" hole in steel (overworked much?) and I'd like to replace it with the 3/8" VSR drill it should have had originally, if Sears had one in stock at the time. I think the 1/2" drill I'm using now, chucked onto a stub of 3/8-24 grade 5 bolt, might break the irreplaceable Portalign instead of stalling when the bit grabs.

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The original Portalign used 1/2" rods that can be swapped with hardware store rod to extend the drilling depth capacity. I found a newer model with 14mm rods I can't change as easily.


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Jim Wilkins
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Dang. Irreplaceable? I tried to sell 2 of the round base ones that were given to me in my yard sale last year. $5 each. No takers. Craigslist, same price, no takers. Gave them to Goodwill.

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Steve Walker

I just used mine about 6 months ago, since I hadn't yet gotten the floor drill press running. Now I remember why I didn't just throw the old B&D 3/8" VSR away: I had put a HF 1/2" chuck on it. It will fit very nicely on the Portalign, round base.

The two I saw at garbadj sales around here went fast @ $10, so it must be your area.

P.S: Hey, Gunner, it only took me 5 years to get that drill press done.

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Larry Jaques

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