39 Marlin parts anyone?

Oddly enough, I managed to scrounge up a 39 Marlin (odd given the
recent best 22 thread) last week. Its tired, with a busted stock and a
moderate case of acne due to someone putting it away wet. Sigh
It appears to be of 1946 manufacture (pre scope mounting screws) "D"
serial prefix, and is missing some parts. I need the following
formatting link

cartridge guide and screw (39A-15
(this is the single screw on the top of the receiver and the guide it
holds inside the action)
Extractor (39A-26)
Firing pin (39a-32) (this is repairable..pin is broken off)
(1) forend tenon screw
Another pistol grip buttstock would be nice, but the original is
I know there are a few gunsmiths here who may have some bits kicking
around. Shrug.. Much of this stuff is currently out of stock with
Numrich...or way over priced.
Ill keep watching E-bay..but 39 stuff is not real common
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