8" Cushman lathe chuck

Here is a great 8" lathe chuck model 10-164-08 with reversible top jaws and mounting plate. It is in great shape and operates smoothly. Let me know if you have any questions EBAY # 2597783665

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Wow..very nice!

Hummm.... the big Clausing Im getting doesnt have a 3 jaw...hummmm


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Not as nice as when Cushman had a close out on all their chucks a while back. Prices were cheaper than you could buy a el cheapo junker for. Cushman seems to have gotten out of the smaller lathe chuck and drill chuck business from what I can tell. Visit my website:

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I picked up one of those Cushmans on special a few years ago, '98?. Excellent quality import, made to Cushman specs and subject to their QC standards. I got a 6" plain back three jaw for my Altas 12x36. Cushman cleared them out because they had found another source and didn't want similar items in their supply chain. I think I paid $60, a third of what it was worth.


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