9x20 Compound Clamp

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THIS is much better (and simpler!) than what I was contemplating. It looks to be an even more rigid setup than what my lathe has now with the

2 8mm bolts...
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Louis Ohland
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This is pretty much a 'required' mod for the 9x20 Chinese lathes. I've made this clamp for mine and must say it was time well spent. It made a huge difference. Here's another version

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Another source of chatter could be that the spindle bearings aren't installed and/or adjusted properly.

If the thin washer located behind the register on the spindle can be rotated without the spindle moving, the front/nose bearing isn't fully seated against the washer, and subsequently, not fully seated to the shoulder on the spindle. The washer I refer to is a disk (blued black on my Enco model) that's on the spindle to fill the gap between the spindle, and the hole in the headstock casting (which needed to be larger than the spindle, for the bearing cup to be installed).

The loosness of the nose bearing will permit the nose bearing to drift/float, from the pressure/tension during cutting, which will cause a lot of chatter, even if the cutting tool is held rigidly. This will be the same effect if the preload on the spindle bearings is too loose.

About the only way to know for sure if the bearing is fully seated, is to pull the spindle out to examine the shoulder area of the nose bearing.

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