A Month Behind... and its ok.

Well, the Hurco isn't perfect, but its a lot better. I've had it busy
the last couple days roughing 4140HT parts to go onto the little
Speedmasters and I am starting to see that the light at the end of the
tunnel is not an oncoming train. Now here is the thing, I've got almost
a 3 month backlog of work because of this particular job and the big
mill being down for a month until I decided what level of ok I was
willing to live with before starting it back up to cut parts. I'm two
weeks beyond the estimated lead time on this particular job, and I just
let the customer know I am going to be another two weeks atleast to
finish and ship their parts complete. Their response? Ok. If you
still want to do this kind of work we have another order about the same
size to place as soon as you are done. In the words of Gunner, "Blink!
Blink! Blink!"
I'm gonna have to raise my prices.
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Bob La Londe
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And you're worth thrice what you charge! An old machinist told me that to estimate a job, get all the facts and figures and figure your labor. THEN triple your labor charge. That way you won't lose so much money on the job.
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Tom Gardner
Yeah, that's about right.
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Larry Jaques

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