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Are those any better than Shop-vacs?
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Well, they don't show much about the filter and how easy it is to empty/change. Most shop vacs seem to attach the filter to the motor assembly on the top. Real pain to keep all the dust/dirt in the machine while removing the motor assembly. Crap gets all over the outside and floor, then you have to vacuum up the crap on the floor after changing the filter.
From the pictures, this unit retains the filter in the main housing when removing the motor assembly. Then you can remove the filter and the dry crap. If true, this is a much better unit!
My $0.02 worth!
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Paul Drahn
I know a guy who services Rug Doctors at grocery stores that rent them out.... The Rug Doctors that you can rent have a little sticker on them that says "To purchase a Rug Doctor,,," and gives a phone number and the website address.
I asked him about that once, mainly if the ones they sold were the same as the ones they rented. He said they weren't. The two looked kinda alike and basically worked the same but the ones they sold were not built as tough--the ones they sell cost $600 but the rental ones have a replacement cost about twice as much, and were built more durable overall to survive a life of being a rental machine.
The main benefit I have heard for using 'industrial' floor vacuums is that the little parts wear out--agitator brushes and stuff like that, and with a commercial machine there is going to be a simple source of replacement parts that should be available over several years at least.
Vacs sold for home-use don't normally have that kind of parts support. That's only an issue is you use them really, really a lot though.
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