Advice? Laser or waterjet cutting in Seattle/Tacoma area


I need to have 200 pieces cut from 28 gage stainless steel and am wondering if anyone has a good lead on a local laser or waterjet cutter. I'm actually in Kitsap county, so South Sound or downtown seattle are best for me, but I could travel for a better deal.

If anyone here does this sort of work, email me and I'll send a picture of what I need cut.

Thank you


(each piece is approximately 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" with some small holes (square) for allowing a book binder to make them into covers and backs for a project.)

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Specialty Metals in Kent does both. They are next door to the former Boeing Surplus store.


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This site has good price for many products. I have used it many time.

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Contact Bob Powell on Vashon. Also join the Seattle metalheads Yahoo group for access to most all the local metalworkers.


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