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I've got a little cheap import 0-1" digital analog mic I use all the time when +/- .001 is good enough. Its actually very repeatable so I guess I could adjust it. Its repeatable within a couple tenths. When I need to get closer I check with a nearby size gage block first and adjust for any error. Anyway, I was wondering if these are available in larger sizes. I've seen electronic digitals in larger sizes, but I don't recall having seen analog digitals in larger sizes.

I've got Starrets (circa WWII or older) 0-6" that are pretty good and a set of Companion (USA) (ok) upto 4", but I'd like to get something a little faster. I do not care for battery operated mics or calipers. Seems the battery is always dead when I really need it. I really like the analog digital. Its also faster for getting close before I even put the mic on the part.

... and an assortment of el-cheapos.

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Bob La Londe
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They are out there. I have a Starret set from 1" up to 10" (was up to 12 but I don't turn anything that big so I shipped them to a friend down south.

There is a Mitutoyo 193-927 set on fleabay at the moment. from 6-12" $1000.00

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Steve W.

I keep the digital 0-6" calipers with a cell in them full time. The micrometers, which are used less often, I keep the cell installed upside down, so it does not drain the cell. When I re-install the cell for use, I have to re-zero the micrometer, of course, and it is more of a pain with those over the 0-1" range, since I need to use a standard rod to do the zeroing -- and if I plan to use it frequently for a while, I have to go through the extra steps to reset the digit before the decimal point to match the range of the micrometer. (Otherwise, just mentally adjust, as one does with the thread and thimble micrometers.)

But digital is easier to read with aging eyes, and they read down to half a tenth, so I can get more resolution out -- though don't really trust that "half tenth" digit. :-)

Same applies to the electronic digital. And I've seen the mechanical digital out of sync between the veeder-root counter digital part and the thimble.

Of course.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Bite the mental bullet and embrace electronic digitals! Just buy a bucket of batteries on eBay. Get the best name-brand batteries, the no-name are crap.

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Tom Gardner

My 6" Mitutoyo is not a battery eater! In fact, the battery lasts a surprisingly long time and is never even turned off.

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Phil Kangas

I've noticed others saying the same about their more expensive versions...

There are a couple hacks I've come across, like adding bigger batteries:

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This guy has a 3d printed mod to disconnect the battery:

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I've been working on my own mod for the 4 inch HF version. Used a soldering iron to make a small slot to access the bottom side of the battery compartment. Probably be using a small strip of plastic from an old yogurt carton to slip underneath the battery. Currently the battery is too snug to get underneath. Looks like I'll have to make a new battery compartment cover to get it too work...

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Leon Fisk

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