Angle Iron vs Stamped Steel - Garden Tractor Frame

Back in the 80's my Dad had a Wheel Horse 308-8. I thought the entire
frame was Cast Iron, but found out the front axle is Cast Iron and the
frame is welded angle Iron.
The new lawn tractors today typically have 11 gauge Stampled Steel
Are the old Wheel Horse Angle Iron frames truly stronger?
If either would crack or break, which would hold up better when
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The old Wheel Horse angle iron frames seldom gave trouble, except sometimes the bracket welded to the end of the frame angles at the rear would crack if abused. The equivalent Hp size Cub Cadet of same vintage was probably stronger, but the larger section frame makes access a little more difficult. The angle frame was cheap and not very fancy but it worked fine. Given the engines crank axis perpendicular to the frame, and the front axle being free to pivot in the center, the frame would not see much torsional load normal to the long axis, unless driven over very rough terrain.
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But when the center pivot freezes up, it puts a LOT of torsional stress on the frame. :) My cub Cadet did that, 5 of the 6 welds holding the front cross member to the main frame members were completely fatigue cracked. Only thing holding the left and right sides together was the engine mounts. Mine is an early model, no grease fitting on the pivot pin. It has one now!!
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