Machine grade ABS ?

By chance, has anyone ever used this material?
I just now heard of it -- any difference between it and the regular
(I know -- it's a metalworking group -- so what).
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ISTR "technical grade ABS".
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N Morrison
Can you be somewhat more specific? If you're talking about natural ABS (that's a reference to color, which is a light amber, or dark cream color), available in round stock, then, yes, I've worked with it. It machines beautifully.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
I think the natural is the denser "machine grade" -- just never used it but have used the common haircell black abs.
I'm trying to find a plastic that will take paint well (and ABS does) but also machines well.
The common ABS is ok but the edges end up pretty rough and even sanding doesn't help much (1/4" thick) -- perhaps I can get a better edge with the "machine grade".
I'm also going to try to have some ABS cut with a waterjet and look at that.
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