Annealing music wire

Have you ever welded a bandsaw blade? I would use a step down transformer and run current through the wire. If you have a push button switch you can pulse the current so that it cools slowly.

=20 Dan

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I have used music wire for model helicopter flybars and threaded the ends with a die. I just heated up the tips red hot with a propane torch and did my best to let it cool as slow as I could. I think a lot of the strength in the music wire is from the drawing work hardening stresses. Note that even after my method of annealing, the music wire still didn't thread real easily. You could try heating the end to cherry red and then placing the wire in a preheated oven to help it cool slowly, maybe even preheat the wire to help it cool more slowly.


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How about making a brass axle, tapped as appropriate, drilling it down the center for the wire? You can soft-solder the wire into the brass, it'll hold its temper fine at soft-solder heat.

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I believe the trouble you're having with it not getting soft enough isn't from the rate of cooling as much as not getting it hot enough to start with. 1200F will draw all the work hardening out of it and doesn't matter how quickly it cools from 1200F ...because it won't quench harden from there.

Not picking on you, Roger it's just your post was the best one to quote. :)

I've softened up just the tips of pieces like that by standing them up in watery-sand. Tough to get them hot enough that way tho.

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The higher the alloying and the softer you want it, the longer it takes at heat. In this case, try one minute and see how it goes? :)

Alvin in AZ

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