Anybody got ASTM A 6/A 6M - 07?

My boss just assigned me to look at the W beams on
formatting link

On the page whose link is "W beam - Dimensions and properties",
he wants me to find out the tolerances for the Imperial
W 14 x 10 x 82, on page 6 of the .pdf,
and the Imperial W 14 x 14.5 x 120, on page 8 of the pdf.
What he's looking for is the tolerances of the parallelism of the top and
bottom of the "I" shape, and he doesn't want to plunk down $67.00 for a
copy of ASTM A 6/A 6M - 07 for this one thing.
He gave me an hour to either find out, or tell him I can't do it.
Anybody willing to help out an insufferable boor like me?
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Rich Grise
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Never mind! I found it on my own (at least the one page I needed.)
Thanks! Rich
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Rich Grise

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