Guess I still got it

My BIL broke a ripper blade. A 5/8" x 3" flat bar with a ripper tooth on
the end, and slots where it fits into its receptacle on the scraper box.
Had to bevel it, clamp it, and fill it real good with 7018. Got the thing
remarkably flush. It has to be flush to fit through the receiver slot. Had
to do a little touch up grinding. Looks like it will hold unless he really
puts some force on it, then I don't know.
Oh, well, I can't feel guilty if a broken part fails again. It was nice,
though to run some really hot 7018, not get any porosity, not have any burn
through at the end of the weld, and to get some nice looking fusion on
adjacent metal. The SA 200 seems to be welding good, but I still need to
install the digital tach to dial it in perfectly.
Now, this week to weld some 12" x 12" x 1/2" baseplates to some 3" x 3" x
.120" posts for an awning, and I'm going to try to use some small 7018 for
strength rather than just filling it up with a lot of MIG wire. I guess I
like the look of properly run 7018. Then build the rest of the frame and
put the steel sheets on top. About 420 sf.
Have a Dr. appt. tomorrow, and hope that doesn't take me out of the loop for
too long. I think with all this skin cancer he's going to pull my plug one
of these days regarding welding.
Did get my new used forty foot seagoing container delivered today, and am
jazzed about filling it with stuff that now overflows my garage, side yard,
and several other places. Can't wait to get it electrifried and do some
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"SteveB" wrote
Guess I'm getting the hang of propane cutting, too. They came off with very little slag. Did have to intentionally hold a slightly longer space between metal and tip than I'm used to, preheat a little longer, and move a little slower, though. I think it's going to be okay.
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