Anyone Familiar with "Air Ace" Compressors?

I was driving through the neighborhood this past weekend, and there it was by the curb, with a "Free to Good Home" sign: an air compressor. The gentleman was still in his garage, said it worked fine, and that he had upgraded to a bigger unit.

So I threw (well, it was a little heavy to throw but...) this "Air Ace TD2525" into the back of my Element, and now it sits in my garage. It's somewhat bigger than my existing compressor, so perhaps it's an upgrade.

The problem is that I have no documentation, and to my surprise there are very few hits, and no relevant ones, on Google. One guy complained that it uses oil very rapidly. I'm not even sure how much of what oil to add, or even where to add it.

Is anyone perhaps familiar with this obviously Chinese product, enough to give some basic "how to get started" verbiage?


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Is it oil-less, perhaps?? Proly not, if it's belt-drive, altho even some direct-drive units use oil. If oil, you should be able to find a a drain plug at the base of the compressor head, proly a 1/4-3/8 pipe thread, with a square, hex or allen head? No dip stick?

If there is no dip stick and no fill, and only a drain plug, you can make a fill with a short nipple, an elbow, and mebbe another short (vertical) nipple, which then serves to establish the oil level in the compressor head. What this level should be is a bit of a question, but it proly isn't much higher than 1" from the base.

There was a discussion on rcm as to what the diff between motor oil and compressor was. The only thing I notice is that compressor oil is clear, and proly doesn't have to withstand as high a temp as motor oil, which suggests motor oil would be OK.... another good Q for rcm.

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Existential Angst

2.5 HP direct drive runs at 2850 rpm 25 gallon tank. Made by Taizhou Changou Electro-Machinery Co., Ltd. oil lubricated,

Should use common air compressor oil and have a sight glass to show you the level. You add oil through the crankcase breather on the back of the unit. (black plastic item on the top of the rear cover casting)

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Steve W.

RCM does it again! And to think that some ahr peeple disapprove of crosspoting to rcm.... can you imagine???

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Unlike AMC, there are still a few on topic threads at RCM


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