Arbor Press #5

How big is a #5 press? I called on a arbor press in the paper and
when I asked how big it was, all he could tell me was "It has a #5 on
the side and it stands on the floor"
He also had a #4 that "needs work".
Just trying to figure out what sort of size capacity and force these
can handle.
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I'm inclined to think that the number is the tonnage. Don't go short on tonnage if you have the space for a large press and you don't have a hydraulic press. A floor mounted press usually allows for longer items to be installed, a nice feature. On the other hand, a large press for tiny work can work against you, too. The type of work you do should dictate. It's hard to say for sure what the number means without knowing the manufacturer and their particular numbering system.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Hoo, boy, that one is a whopper. 15 tons, 1800 pounds. MSC doesn't even stock it. You can download the Dake press catalog, just google on "Dake press" and it's about the second or third hit.
Grant Erwin
Jeridiah wrote:
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Grant Erwin
I don't think the numbers are really standardized, you'd have to know the manufacturer. Here's a web link for one supplier:
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Stan Schaefer
If they are DAKE Arbor Presses, the #4 is a 12-ton press, and the #5 is a 15-ton.
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Kevin Archibald

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