Bandsaw blade source in SF bay area - custom size

I need new blades for two metal cutting bandsaws. Both use odd size
blades. One is 52" (Omnisaw portable) and the other is 108" (Dayton 15"
vertical). Is there a place in the mid-penninsula/bay area that will
make up what I want?
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I just bought two blades from these guys:
formatting link
local, but they were fairly prompt, good blades.
lens wrote:
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Steve Smith
Alley Industrial in Belmont 650 592 0356
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Acme is down here in the Southland.
Good folks!
Acme Saw Sales & Service 475 W Julian St San Jose, CA 95110-2337 (408) 293-1969
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================= In our area [SE Kansas] at least, most tool-supply stores in the smaller towns will custom weld blades to length. Look in your yellow pages and try calling around. The worst they can say is no.
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Hey there Lens,
You can find your blades here:
formatting link
Just figure out what blade you need for your purpose, and you can get the quote instantly and purchase them online. We offer competative pricing.
If you have any more questions about bandsaw blades, you can always call us at 1 888 876 4180 or ask us by email
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