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David Hi I would be interested in some blades

93" long What do you have available and what would you recommend . Just got this saw and not real sure what I will need as far as type Thanks Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt
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Some questions:

Is it a vertical or horizontal? Chances are you have a vertical.

What types of metal are you cutting? Ferrous, non ferrous, alloy, plastics, wood with spikes in it....

What is the shape of the metal you are cutting? is it solid, thinnly walled, thick walled, profiled?

Finally how fast are you going to ram your stock through the blade? Some people abuse their blades just to get the cut done for example or maximise the hydralic bleed-off on thise production saws to save a 1 mintue (cont me in that group).

Think about it and get back to me. This might be your oppurtunity to get one type of blade and compare it to another different blade.

P.S. it might be best to respond to my email address just ot keep the group free of litter.


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