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As summer is winding down I finally got back to building a log splitter
. First chance to try out the new blades David MacDonald sent me . The
first thing I noticed is the new blades are much stiffer then the old
one . I think this should help keep them on track better . Also they
tension up easier . I guess they will also stretch less . They came
nicely boxed , each protected from the other . First cut 1/2 X 12 inch
plate . Right off I noticed my saw running with less vibration and gone
was the bump from the old blades weld being slightly off . Only problem
I encountered was when I first installed the blade I noticed David had
put all the teeth on facing the wrong direction . Took the blade back
off . Stared at it a while . Turned it over in my hands , stared some
more . Some days . Yikes , guess today was a brain dead day . I have
tons of experience with wood band saws yet still took a while for the
lights to come on . Anyway , feeling a little sheepish I rolled the
blade and took a quick look around to see if anyone noticed . Odd as I
knew I was alone , but still took that look . Then felt foolish again
for that . Oh well some days it is best to shake your head and laugh at
yourself . All in all I feel like I got a great deal . In fact a five
blade selection with shipping cost me only a few dollars more then a
single bi metal blade would have locally . Not sure how many took David
up on his offer here but I am sure glad I did . So a big thanks David .
Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt
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Chuckle.... dontcha just *hate it* when ya gotta send the blades back cuz the teeth are pointing up? Ken.
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Ken Sterling
Well I was pretty sure that being a Pro David would automatically know which way the teeth point on my saw . ;-) Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt
My neighbor has a really neat log splitter. It's electric, 5 HP 220V. Trailer mounted, two-stage pump. Very quiet, but it sure does the job. He runs it off a long extension cord from his cabin. It works as well as any gas log splitter I've seen in operation, without all the racket. I reckon he split a couple of cords in a couple of hours. The logs weren't huge, but I guess some of them were 18" dia or so.
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Don Foreman
Built or bought? jw
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Don Foreman
This one I will plug in to the rear hydraulics on a tractor at least this fall . Maybe next year set it up with its own two stage pump . This one will take 25" and has 16 tons of force . I am putting it on 13" wheels but it will not be road worthy . Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt

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