Missed out on another shaper/planer

Check out item 7539212530 on ebay. That's one lucky winner. If only I had the space and the means of transport.

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Yeah, no room. I was down at the plant salvage yard last week, and spied two items I'd love to have if I lived out of town and had some acreage. One was a 14" Gould & Everhardt shaper, the other was a forging hammer of some kind. I've seen one similar in the machine shop in Greenfield Village. It's the kind with the big wooden beam,

1' dia. rubber bumpers, etc. The driver with it is a huge open frame electric motor with a big flat belt. I'll bet it's 100 yrs. old and goes to scrap. I have no idea where it would have been used in a chemical plant, unless it was the main shop. This place used to run on Corliss cycle steam engines and dynamos, so it's possible.

Somehow, I don't think the neighbors would appreciate the history if I got that thing home and fired up.

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Pete Keillor

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