Bandsaw motor upgraded

I just finished tearing down the motor mount, etc. I was moving the pulley by hand and noticed that it had a tenancy to pull backwards at

1 point. Bent down to look at the motor pulley and noticed the shaft was bent ever so slightly (but enough that it was apparent just eyeballing it up close).

Luck would have it, and I'll never understand how THIS worked, that I had an identical motor that I been hanging onto for 2 years KNOWING that I would need it some day. Same Make, and Model Family just a

1/2hp vs 1/4 hp. Same wiring setup and mount.

I'll have some updated picks of how the vise works soon, finishing cleaning up the threads. Its a quick vise, the drive nut is oblong, and only threaded on 1/2 of it. Turn it right and it flops over and the threads engage, turn it left and it flops over the other way and the threads disengage and you can shove the vise where you want it.

1st I'm going to make a small parts washer so I can clean all this up.
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