Before you hire a rigger

Alright, that touched a soft spot. This wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but rather a certain type of person that I loathe but am forced to work with.

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Whatever winds your clock. Sheep or whatever.

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The value of the first two are self evident, the last even more serious. If a worker were to be injured and the employer not have insurance you may find yourself (and maybe your insurance company) holding the bag. This could amount to a VERY large amount of money the

way the courts are handing it out these days. Your liability will vary

from state to state.That's a pretty good answer. I will be sure to remember this if I need to hire a rigger. Thank you.<

Just thought to mention: The same thing holds true for ANY contractor you invite into your home or business (at least in California). Without the umbrella of a Workers Compensation insurance policy you could be in deep do-do should someone be hurt.

dennis in nca

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Marge Schott has million dollar riggers on her baseball team!

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The Minnesota Vikings have rigger parties on boats.

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its me

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