Bending AL diamond plate

If anyone has suggestions on how to achieve a smooth bend, I'm all ears.
The plate is 1/8 inch thick, and the finished piece will be about 8 x 12
inches with a bend radius of about one foot.
Thanks for any help.
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Ted Bennett
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Put a sheet of 1/4" or so rubber on the diamond side and run it through sheetmetal rollers. Use lots of passes to sneak up on the diameter you want. You may need to work the edges a bit if you want them curved as well.
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Kelley Mascher
1/8 inch aluminum ought to bend fairly easily. If you have sheet metal , I would expect you could bend it without using the rubber sheeting suggested by Kelley. If I were doing this with what I have available, I think I would try laying a 5 gallon propane tank on its side and seeing if I could bend it with a few ratcheting web straps. Not very high tech, but what I would try first. A five gallon propane tank may have a bit too small a radius. You might have something better.
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