Bending Moment for 1 inch Cast Iron Pipe

I am building a cantilever support for a manual winch to raise a 24 foot
vertical antenna weighing 40 pounds. I plan to mount the winch on the end of a
24 inch section of 1 inch cast iron pipe and am concerned about the pipe
failing. The non winch end will be attached to a Tee cast iron fitting with the
support pipe ground mounted in concrete [sort of an inverted 'L'].
Any comments or ideas appreciated.
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I proof test the stuff I build from water pipe to at least 5 times the working load.
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Jim Wilkins
Just test it first. Non-domestic pipe and fittings are of varied and frequently real poor quality.
Just last night I over torqued a 1/4-20 bolt with a tiny wrench, wasn't even trying to cinch it down. I though the threads were tight, but the damn thing was twisting apart. Got the broken off part out with needle nose pliers. That's grade 3 from a big box store.
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