bending pipe for shower fixture?

Sorry to ask such an elemental question, but I will anyway! ;->
I bought a new showerhead that we like a lot better than the old one,
but the stream is wider and it's hitting on a tile area where we've
had breakdown in the past (and we'd really just rather have ALL the
shower stream hitting in the tub area anyway).
So the pipe at present is bent down maybe 30 degrees, just a couple
inches off the wall. I've considered slipping a larger pipe over it,
or a smaller bar inside of it, but neither gives me a good lever
point .... and I worry about screwing up the threads or taking it out
of true.
So this is probably a very simple problem for this group. Help me out?
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Dog Newbie
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You could unscrew the existing shower arm and replace it with an 'adjustable' like:
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That way *everybody* can be happy!
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You can NOT bend it while it's still in the wall - big trouble. The shower ell is threaded 1/2" NPT on both ends, and there is a "drop ear ell" with matching threads in the wall if it's copper pipe. Galvanized pipe will have an elbow in the wall going down to the shower valve, but it might not be secured to anything than the riser pipe.
And consider the nice chrome plating on the pipe will get messed up badly if you try bending it. Even padding the bender jaws might not be enough.
They sell several factory made variations on the shower ell that have two adjustable swivels, and ones with a big shepherd's hook bend in them to gain altitude and clear the heads of tall people. Find one that will work for you, get one.
If you're totally stumped, you can get chromed brass pipe nipples, chromed brass threaded elbows and fittings, and roll your own.
Clean out the threads in the wall elbow with a wire brush, put teflon tape on the arm threads before installing it, and count the turns to make sure it's in there securely, at least 8 turns - you do NOT want a water leak inside the wall.
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Bruce L. Bergman
An acquaintance asked me to look at the shower head in the lower floor WR to see if it might possibly be leaking. After I turned it in four full turns, I gave her the news that she was going to have to completely rebuild the wall, since the shower had been in use for several years. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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