Blades for Big Foot and Skil 127 saws

Does anybody know of sources for blades for the Big Foot and Skil 127 saw? In particular I am looking for metal cutting blades. The Big Foot takes a 10 1/4 blade, and the 127 takes a 12" blade. Both use the Skil "diamond" arbor style.

Big Foot shows a blade for wood cutting at their web site. Tenryu says they have a blade for wood cutting.

Skil does not have any arbor parts at all for the 127, and the arbor is not the same as the 77.

Does anybody have any good ideas?

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I recently put together a 10" Skil 107 from parts. I turned the diamond arbor adapter round to accept off the shelf 5/8" hole sawblades. Lots easier than trying to find diamond arbor blades in that large of size.

I your case you might want to just turn the arbor adapter to 1" round and be done with it. Then you can use off the shelf 12" blades from any Home Depot or other big box store. Though I don't know where you might find a 12" metal cutting blade suitable for a hand held saw?


frank wrote:

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Dick Streff

Are you _really_ sure you want such a blade?

BTW, ferrous or non-ferrous cutting?



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