boring tool advice needed

Would like to bore clean 57/64" holes on acetal on a mill. I rather not
drill, but instead just plunge a 7/8" center-cutting end mill and
finish off with a boring tool. Since I don't have boring tools, can
someone recommend me on a proper tool ?
(I would plunge a 57/64" end mill and be done with it, but I can't find
that size.)
Thank you (and happy '07)
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How many pieces? How fast? How deep? How accurate? It might be worth having a mill ground to size, it'll cost about the same as having one sharpened
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Tom Gardner
If you have a lot of these to do, find a tool grinder and get a hole cutting tool ground to dimension. For plunging holes I like Hougen Rotabroaches. If you're going to make say 10,000 of these, then for sure invest in getting the best possible tool ground. If you're going to make one or two, then just pick up an import boring head and set of carbide boring bars - these are commodity items and shouldn't cost much.
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Grant Erwin
Have you considered grinding down a woodworkers 1" spade bit? They work rather well on acetal.
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A bit of compressed air is nice to blow the large spiral chip away and provide a bit of cooling if you are doing many holes one after another.
Clamp to a bit of wood so there is a clean breakthrough on the backside.
Ive done this many times making collet racks and so forth.
30taper take 1 1/8" if anyone is interested
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Many pieces, medium speed, about 3/4" plunge, very accurate. I will probably go with your option.
Many thanks to all responses! Marcel
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